Tomatillo And Chicken Soup

Add onion, celery and both chilies. Chicken tomatillo soup is a healthy mexican soup made with chicken breast, canned whole tomatillos and beans simmered until thick and hearty in just 45 minutes. Pour in the broth, oregano, and cumin and bring to a boil.

I feel like I’m playing “The Mom” character in a homestead movie every day these days – and I really like it. I wake up and put on my apron (costume) and get to work cooking, cleaning or doing some sort of DIY. I have to remind myself to check emails and have calls with my team, but how can I when I have an important soup to make! Now I’m not a food stylist nor photographer (and it pains me that I don’t have my bins of napkins, bowls and spoons from our prop storage unit up here) but I am making food and feeling compelled to shoot and share it. Enjoy, and if you make it please use the hashtag #showemyourfood. Recipe here: