Reibekuchen German Potato Pancakes

The reibekuchen is a sort of potato and flour pancake that is deep fried in oil and served fresh, and very hot, with a few different sauces. While the term pancake is used to describe reibekuchen, don’t think sunday mornings with maple syrup. These are not your auntie’s basic pancakes.

Hello everyone, today's recipe is homemade German Potato Pancakes or Kartoffelpuffer or Reibekuchen. In Germany, these fritters are served with apple sauce (apfelmus). #GermanPotatoPancakes #Reibekuchen #Kartoffelpuffer
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German Potato Pancakes (makes 8 pieces)
2 large potatoes, finely grated.
2 large potatoes, roughly grated.
1 small onion, roughly grated.
Salt and pepper to taste
2 tbsp all-purpose flour
1 egg
Oil for frying
Apple sauce to serve

Pancake Kentang Jerman (membuat 8 buah)
2 kentang besar, parut halus.
2 buah kentang ukuran besar, parut kasar.
1 bawang bombay kecil, parut kasar.
Garam dan merica secukupnya
2 sdm tepung serbaguna
1 telur
minyak untuk menggoreng
Saus apel untuk disajikan

Kartoffelpuffer (ergibt 8 Stück)
2 große Kartoffeln, fein gerieben.
2 große Kartoffeln, grob gerieben.
1 kleine Zwiebel, grob gerieben.
Salz und Pfeffer nach Geschmack
2 EL Weizenmehl
1 Ei
Öl zum braten
Apfelmus zum Servieren

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