Polish Poppy Seed Rolls

Polish poppy seed cake roll prep time 2 hours cook time 40 minutes total time 2 hours 40 minutes ingredients roll 2 cups of flour 1/2 cup of sugar 1/2 cup of butter 1/2 cup of milk 2 egg yolks 1 teaspoon of dry yeasts 2 cups of poppyseed filling & frosting 2. 5 cups of poppyseed filling frosting 1/2 cup of powdered sugar 2 egg whites Makowiec filling 3 ½ cups (500g) of poppy seeds 1 ¼ (250g) cup of sugar 1 tbsp of honey 1 tbsp of margarine 4 egg whites raisins/ candied fruits/ nuts (optional) In a large skillet or a pot heat butter, add poppyseeds, sugar, honey, drained raisins and mix well.

Traditionally, a Polish Poppy Seed Roll is rolled, baked in a loaf, glazed, and then sliced, but here we’re using those same ingredients to create individual rolls, which ended up being as unusual, as they were deliciously addictive. Speaking of which, do not make these before a drug test. You’ve been warned. Enjoy!

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