Instant Pot Peach Cobbler

Set to sauté (see cook's note), bring. 1 tsp salt 8 tbsp butter 1 cup buttermilk instructions combine all the ingredients for the peaches. Pour ½ cup water in the bottom of the instant pot, turn it on to sauté, and boil the water.

2 cups of peaches – I like to use frozen peaches. I would not use canned peaches as they are already sweetened and cooked and may result in a softer texture after cooking in the Instant Pot
2 tablespoons of brown sugar
1 teaspoon of cinnamon
1 box (15.25 oz) yellow cake mix
½ stick of butter ( melted)
Vanilla Ice cream (optional)

Add your frozen peaches, brown sugar, and cinnamon to a bowl and mix. Be sure that all peaches are covered with the sugar/cinnamon mixture.
Lightly grease your cake pan (link below to the pan I used from Amazon) and add your covered peaches to the pan.
In another bowl, add ½ box of the yellow cake mix
Melt ½ stick of butter and add to the cake mix and stir together to create a “makeshift crust”.
Cover the peaches with the makeshift crust mixture. Ensure that all peaches are evenly covered with the crust.
Cover the pan with foil. Seal it tight around the edges.
Add the trivet rack inside the Instant Pot and add 1 cup of water to the bottom of the pan.
Add the covered cake pan to the trivet rack, place the top on the Instant Pot, seal the valve in the back, and pressure cook for 15 minutes.
Once complete cooking, DO NOT do a quick release; let it naturally release for approximately 10 minutes and take the top off of the Instant Pot.
Place your Peach cobbler under the broiler for 3-5 minutes to brown the crust and get it crispy.
Your Peach Cobbler is done! Top with vanilla Ice cream and Enjoy!

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