Honey Vinegar Preserved Ramps

Fresh ramps are preserved in a zesty blend of apple cider vinegar, honey, and olive oil to serve with any dish! Whip it up with some olive oil and vinegar to make a ramp pesto. Over high heat bring the water, vinegar, salt and.

After Mother's Day, I went out and foraged some ramps, also known as wild leeks. They have a really beautifully spring onion like flavour. The leaves go great in salads and pestos and the bulbs are great pickled so that's what I've done in this video. I just did a quick fridge pickle so if you want to store these for longer make sure to look up how to properly pickle things for long term storage so that you are using the correct and safe method. Next video I'll be making ramp pesto! Let me know if you like these types of chef vlogs and give @kaccreative a follow on twitter/ insta.