Healthier Sweet Potato Pie

Healthy sweet potato pie is lightly sweet and creamy. Topped with whipped cream and a crunchy granola, this sweet potato pie is a must for thanksgiving. As the last revamped dessert from my grandma’s cookbook this month, i thought sweet potato pie would be a fantastic way to end our thanksgiving desserts.

I hope you will enjoy this Low Calorie High Protein Sweet Potato Pie without the crust. I tried to make it anabolic. I really like it and hope you will as well :)

Everything I cook with - UNITED STATES:

Everything I cook with - GERMANY:

Macros entire Pie: 825Cal, 95C. 7F, 91P
- Sweet Potato (400g)
- whey protein vanilla 60G
- Nonfat greek yogurt 100g
- nonfat cream cheese 100g
- egg white 100g
- 1 egg
- cinnamon, salt

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