Hachee Dutch Beef Stew

Hachée is a traditional dutch stew based on diced meat, fish or poultry, and vegetables. Hachee based on beef, onions and acid (usually vinegar or wine) is a typical example of traditional dutch cuisine. Clove and bay leaves are added to the thick gravy.

Learn how to make #hachee, an old-fashioned Dutch #beef #stew that dates back to the Middle Ages. This recipe with beef, #onions, vinegar, and apple butter is traditionally served with red cabbage and potatoes! However, I love it with just some mashed potatoes. This is typically a fall or winter dish, but I was craving it, so we made it; even though it's summer!

I loved this beef stew when I was growing up... but I wasn't a fan of the red cabbage that we typically served with it. It's a good thing that this beef stew is so flavorful because I would mix red cabbage and hachee on my spoon, and all I'd taste is this deliciously meaty, oniony, and tangy stew!

Hachee also goes great with my hutspot recipe:


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00:00 - Introduction
01:05 - Ingredients
01:39 - Preparing the ingredients
04:15 - Cooking the stew
11:43 - Tasting the hachee…Eet Smakelijk!

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