Clove Spiced Plum Jam

Our spiced plum jam is made with fresh red plums, white sugar, ground cinnamon, ground nutmeg, and ground cloves. There is nothing like the holidays, which is what this jam will remind you of. So now you can enjoy it all year round.

Its plum jam with pectin. Easy and simple method. Especially HOMEMADE. BETTER THAN SUPERMARKET.

8 cups plum (pitted)
8 cups sugar
8 tblsp lemon juice
8 tblsp water
1packet pectin(50g)
Few cloves (optional)

I got 8 and half of bottles of jam by this ingredients amount. You can do in small batch .Example 4cups plum and others also.But make sure pectin is one packet. Also not to convert this ingredients to times three.

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Thanks hope you guys will enjoy homemade jam.God bless.

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