Chocolate Caken Thenstant Pot

Set to cook the cake in the instant pot add a cup of water to the bottom of the instant pot. Place the trivet with the handles folded on the bottom. Gently lower the cake pan inside the pot.

Forget boiling eggs and cooking rice separately when making egg biryani. With my one-pot egg biryani recipe, you can cook hardboiled eggs AND biryani rice in your instant pot all at the exact same time!

This one-pot egg biryani is so easy to make! You can cook the eggs and the rice together in your instant pot and the two turn out perfectly cooked: bright yellow yolks and separate grains of rice. Not only is this dish easy to make and budget-friendly, it’s absolutely delicious!
I am all about making one-pot biryanis because they are just so easy to make AND they taste just as good as biryani made the time-consuming way (cooking everything half-way then layering it together, then cooking it again). If you have an electric pressure cooker like theinstant pot, then biryani suddenly becomes so much more accessible. It doesn’t have to be a “special occasion dish” because it’s easy enough to make on a weeknight.